Saturday, May 6, 2017

Peace starts here

I have been deep in thought all week. In these times of "political correctness" and "tolerance", there exists a volatility still, that divides us and may someday destroy us. I'm starting to think that the political correctness is just for show. Maybe people really aren't tolerant, but act like it in order to avoid backlash.

Maybe he was elected because his inappropriate comments are what people are really thinking/feeling.

I pray this isn't true.

I ended up taking this past week off from writing, basically, because someone read this post and advised me to be sure to speak the truth. So, I've spent the week researching and thinking and soul searching. I asked God, "What do you want me to do?" He answered, and I have my work cut out for me; which is a good thing.

I was raised to not talk about religion or politics. Additionally, because of  certain episodes in my past, I withdrew into a silent, weak, middle-of-the-road person, and kept most of my thoughts and feelings and opinions to myself. But, I feel that the time has come to break my silence. Surely, there are people like me, who share my feelings and ideas, who could benefit from what I have to say, if only to feel that none of us are alone.

If there's backlash, then, so be it. I want to hear both sides of every story. It's the only way to honestly, truthfully be able to form my own opinions.  For every truth or fact, there may be many interpretations. Those interpretations could be formed from a bias, only hearing what one wants to hear, or from previous knowledge, or any number of reasons.

For example, if I say "The sky is blue." That's a fact, a truth.
But, for the person who's colorblind, he may say, "No. It's grey." or
for the person who is depressed, "No. It's overcast. Looks like rain."
for the person halfway around the world, "No. The sun is setting. The sky is red, orange, and yellow."

I believe that this is what happens with us, and why we all seem to see the exact same thing but, perceive it differently. Each one of us is an individual, unique. That's a good thing. We just need to know that and embrace it; listen to different opinions with an open mind. Let go of the anger, resentment, hatred. Be the blessing.

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