Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Blue Apron Meal

My daughter gets the Blue Apron boxes. (Blue Apron is a meal kit service that's shipped right to your door. It has everything you need to make a two-serving (or more depending on which plan you choose, and this kit came with food for two two-serving meals to make) healthy meal. She gave me one of her boxes because she wasn't going to be able to use it that week, so I bravely embarked on a cooking adventure. For those who don't know me, I am not one who cooks, and often any attempts at cooking come out badly. My daughters once (jokingly) accused me of trying to food poison them. Once, I burned juice. Boiling water is a triumph for me. So, this was a bit overwhelming. It involved some multi-tasking and following directions, but, in the end, it came out, tasted wonderful, and I felt like I accomplished something. Maybe, I even promoted myself (in my eyes) to a new level of cooking mastery (HA!)
Here's the aftermath:
It was worth it.

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