Saturday, March 26, 2011

Missing Ken

Its been a very difficult 6 weeks since the passing of my husband. I've gone through so many emotions, thoughts, feelings, ideas and life altering plans that I don't even know what is real anymore. I came here today because I thought it might help, and was feeling particularly great this morning when I woke up, like a great burden had been lifted. It felt almost normal to be me for the first time in forever. Then, when I signed in, I saw the blog I had made for my husband: Kenneth Weeks Memorial, and I reminisced and got all teary eyed. That linked to his blog, Mr. Natural's Homeplate, which made me miss him so much more, all over again, and also made me realize, that while I may have had a breakthrough today, its not "over."

Its my intention to start writing here as often as possible in the hopes of working through some things and also to share information with others who are going through the same thing. There is so much to share and unload. Some posts will be morbidly sad of course, but hopefully some will be positive and inspiring; and, if no one reads any of this, that's ok, too, because it will be of some help to me.

Today, I completed the first task given to me in a Grief Education meeting: I acknowledged that my husband has passed away and is not coming back.


  1. Someone is reading, and following your journey, and lifting you in prayer. You are never alone.

    I applaud your progress and encourage you to continue with your Grief Counseling. Be gentle with yourself, it is a process and everyone goes at their own pace.
    ((cyber hugs))

  2. Hi Shari :) I hadn't checked here in a little while. I do think about you all the time and the journey you are on. I think you do a fabulous job with yourself and your emotions. This is a wonderful place to come and unload. I'll try to think and visit more often :)