Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My wedding anniversary, and the Good Samaritan

Yesterday was my 2nd year wedding anniversary.  I am so blessed to have found this wonderful man.  He ended up having the day off, but he still got up early to have coffee with me before work.  He visited my parents, picked up medicine for my dog, planted flowers that were given to me, emptied the dish washer (wow!), drove 30 minutes away to buy my favorite wine, then over an hour back to my office where he surprised me with a bouquet of flowers.

For my part, I wanted to go to Dorothy Lane Market in Oakwood, Ohio to buy some of their freshly made salmon patties.  I put together a salad from the salad bar, and spent time reading through about 8 anniversary cards before finding the right one.  Then, I spent several minutes trying to decide what kind of ice cream to get for desert.  I went to check-out and found that I had left my wallet at work.  I had 2 checks though, but no ID.  I found I had my passport with my old last name on it and a current health insurance card.  Plus, I had their DLM card.  I've been going there for over 20 years, but since our office moved, then it hasn't been very often.  I wrote a check and she tried to process it, but they didn't have my current checking account in their system.  The lady brought over the manager and I went through it all again.  At this point, I considered leaving it and going back to my office to get my wallet, but the ice cream would have melted and it would have taken me another half hour.  My husband goes to bed in the evening because he has to be to work super early, and so I was running out time.  I was about ready to just give up when a Good Samaritan named Alexis came to my rescue!  She came up and said "let me pay for it".  She didn't even know how much it was; she didn't know me.  It warmed my heart so much to meet such a kind and giving person.  I was speechless.  I said thank you, and told her I could write her a check; my last check (thankfully).

Alexis - I doubt you'll ever come across this little blog of mine, but I still want to say "Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!"

I felt so very blessed, and so, so thankful.  It was such an amazing feeling to have a stranger come to my rescue.  There are truly good people in the world, and while they exist, we have hope.

Spread the love and do an act of kindness for someone today.

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