Saturday, June 6, 2015

Online Presence

I am trying to get organized and simplify my life, chipping away at all of the excess that I don't even know I have.  I'm doing this with bins of my "stuff" that I've collected over the years, as well as trying to simplify my online presence so that I know what I'm putting out there.

Step One:
Make a list of every social media, or shop I use or have used in the past:

11 email addresses (I'm sure there's more, but I don't know what they are)
7 blogs
4 etsy stores (all empty)
2 ebay accounts
4 photo sharing accounts
3 twitter accounts (but I can't remember the 3rd one)
3 facebook accounts
1 each tumblr, pinterest, and instagram
2 zazzle accounts (again, can't remember one of them)
1 google+
1 linkedIn account that I linked to an email address that no one has, so no one can find me

That's just what I can remember (and what I can remember that I've forgotten).

People tell me that when you rid yourself of excess baggage, you feel "lighter", less overwhelmed.  However, I don't know how to get past being overwhelmed enough to get started.

Step Two:
Take a deep breath.  Pick one thing and deal with it.  Cross it off my list when its completed.  It will feel great.

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