Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day 2017

Today feels like a day of mourning, just as it did the day the president-elect became the Republican candidate, and then again when he won the election. Now that the actual day is here, I'm praying even more fervently for our country. I'm scared. The majority of our country voted for him only because he was the Republican candidate; another large part of voters chose him because, in their minds, he was the lesser of two evils. News reports, preachers, and others in the public eye laid the groundwork: "if you can't vote for the man, then vote for the party"; "if you can't get behind any of the candidates, pick the one you dislike the least"; "we know what "she" will do, but what "he" will do is unknown, so we'll take a chance on him".
I'm afraid we've sunk to a new low and will be the laughing stock of all nations. We've lost our military presence, our threat of a country to be reckoned with. We've taken God out of our government, institutions, lives, which leaves us all alone during this pre-tribulation time. Our President apologized for us to other countries! What could he have been thinking?! Apologize for what? For trying to make the world a better place? For our giving nature and assistance? For our defenses? "They" crossed the "red line" and we just stood there and waved. Now that's something to apologize for. We've become so politically correct that we have paralyzed ourselves, because if we take any action, it will offend someone. Yet, we (well, not me, but others) elect a person to the highest, most important office of our country who has offended every group/minority except for (maybe) middle-aged white males. I'm literally sick to my stomach over this.
Our nation is completely divided, party against party, ethnicity against ethnicity, legal against illegal, man against woman, even. I no longer consider myself a democrat, but neither am I a republican, I'm just an extremely anxious American.
This is just my opinion, and I agree, we don't know what he'll do as President, but if his campaign speeches and tweets were any indication at all, then we are in for a long and rocky road ahead. He acts like a spoiled child, spewing forth insults and name calling to anyone who doesn't worship the ground he walks on.
There's really nothing more to say; all we can do is wait and see. It's in God's hands and I trust that He has a plan to use this new administration to bring us closer to the second coming of Christ. Still, I pray with a pleading heart to save us from the tragedy that is certain to come.

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