Sunday, February 12, 2017

Read the Bible in a Year - Week 7

I got really behind on my daily reading, but fortunately, this past week, I was moved to read and get really, really close to catching up. I was going to have a catch-up week, but wasn't sure if those of you who are reading this would need that, so I'm just going to plow ahead. If you get behind, don't give up; this isn't a race, or an 'all or nothing' task. 
For me, I need to plan and have deadlines, (even though I get really stressed when I have a deadline), and so this keeps me on track. I had gotten to where I was reading one chapter a day, along with commentary, and didn't feel like I was moving forward, so having this plan is really helpful, I believe. I hope it is equally helpful for you. Have a blessed week.

Week 7
Sunday, February 12             John 13:21-16:15
Monday, February 13            John 16:16-18:38
Tuesday, February 14            John 18:39-21:14
Wednesday, February 15       John 21:15-Acts 2:47
Thursday, February 16           Acts 3:1-5:21
Friday, February 17                Acts 5:22-7:50
Saturday, February 18            Acts 7:51-9:35

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