Sunday, May 28, 2017

Read the Bible in a Year Week 20

I completely missed posting the week's reading last Sunday, but used that time to catch up (somewhat) with my daily bible reading. I'm still a few weeks behind (okay, I'm 5 whole weeks behind) but feel confident that I will, someday, eventually, catch up. Besides, this is meant to get us to read the Bible everyday, not a competition. If we speed-read through the scriptures, then we aren't really reading. I am reading straight through this year, but will go back to reading a chapter, then reading commentary about that chapter next year. If you don't have a study Bible, I highly recommend getting one. It has made such a difference in my understanding and growth.

Week 20
Sunday, May 28                 Leviticus 23:26 -25:38
Monday, May 29                Leviticus 25:39 - 27:34
Tuesday, May 30                Numbers 1:1 - 2:34
Wednesday, May 31           Numbers 3:1 - 4:33
Thursday, June 1                Numbers 4:34 - 6:27
Friday, June 2                     Numbers 7:1-89
Saturday, June 3                 Numbers 8:1 - 10:36

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