Thursday, June 11, 2015

What Beagles Think

Velvet was barking out the window the other night, so I was telling her to get down from there.
This was her reaction.

Velvet: "You talkin' to me?" 

 {{{thinking}}} "I'll just hide here."

At this point, I'm just repeating "Get down.  Get down from there.  Velvet, get down."
Velvet: "What?!"

"Whatev's, mom."


  1. LOL, I love her. BTW, Gianna hides behind the blinds the same way, but she is able to get fully behind them. Once I was looking for her, and she poked her head through - Here I am. LOL

  2. Sasha says that windows are like the internet and tv all in one for dogs. They get to see what is going on out in their world. So Velvet was just complaining about all the commercials (when mommy interrupts her favorite programs with a word from the human). heehee.

  3. I love how dogs pretend that they don't hear you and then give you the tail.or the paw